Judy Arnold started a free library out of her front yard in Cedar Hills. (Photo by Utah Valley Magazine)

Cedar Hills doesn’t have a city library, but the community isn’t starved for prose on bound pages.

Judy Arnold started a book exchange in her front yard after reading about a Wisconsin man who shared books in honor of his mother’s memory.

“He built a box out in his front yard and called it a little free library,” Judy says. “Take one, bring one. Nobody keeps track of anything. I loved that idea!”

Judy had inherited books from her mother-in-law and mother, both avid readers whom she decided to name her own free library after.

On June 12, 2014, Judy held an open house for Clara and Virginia’s Corner in honor of her mother’s birthday. Friends and neighbors supported the open house by bringing their own books to swap, and they filled six large tables with stacks of words.

“We calculated over 200 books changed hands that day,” Judy says. “And it was all free.”

Now her supply overflows into two sidewalk totes. Anyone can take or donate books as they please. Often donations come from community members and local elementary schools.

Judy and her husband, Charles, moved to Cedar Hills 25 years ago, where they have raised four children and now spend as much time as possible with their two grandchildren.

In the quarter-century Judy has lived in Cedar Hills, she has watched the town turn into a city.

“The growth has come because community members here are likeminded,” Judy said. “We want to raise our children in a safe, beautiful and affordable place.”

The Golf Course

“I love our golf course. Even though we don’t play golf, it opens up this beautiful green space that provides delight and wildlife.”

The Golf Course Trail

“All season long you get a whole variety of vegetation and flowers. I don’t like sagebrush, except for when it’s in bloom on that trail and those little delicate yellow flowers smell fresh like laundry. It’s just delightful! Then the colors change in the fall. And along the trail there are fruit trees where you can eat mulberries or cherries that are growing wild.”

Murdock Canal Trail

“Perfect for runners, bikers, walkers. It’s one of our new favorite things about this community.”

Cedar Hills Recreation Center

“It doesn’t fully function as just a recreation center, but it’s also the golf course clubhouse and reception center called The Vista Room. The vistas overlooking the valley are just spectacular.”

The Bowl

“This grassy bowl is actually a catch basin for rainwater. Almost any summer evening, you can see ice blocking or major waterslides down the hill. It’s just the knockdown, drag-out, best water slide!”

Supportive Community

“Cedar Hills is a very supportive community. It’s continually changing and growing and progressing.”

Walk in the Park

“I love all of our parks in Cedar Hills. Each is unique. Some are right along the creek and have lots of shade trees.”

News Flash

When Cedar Hills was born in 1977, city officials met in the Pleasant Grove city council room. Now they have their own city building and a recreation center. (Source: cedarhills.org)

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