City American Fork Founded 2016 Employees 40 Industry Customer engagement Website Skipio.com Founders Nick Greer, 40; Randy Garn, 42. The Company A sales communication platform that connects companies and customers through next-gen business texting technology.


Skipio is skipping along nicely. The texting technology company is led by Nick Greer, founder of another former UV50 company, One on One Marketing. What’s more, it has grown month over month during the first year and a half, and it now has more than 3,000 clients, including doTERRA, RE/MAX, Aflac, Allstate and more.


“You know you’re a startup if the question is, ‘How many hours a day do I NOT work?’” Greer says. “During startup mode, I don’t see my amazing wife and children as much during the week.”


Skipio is headquartered in a renovated sawmill in American Fork. One of the conference rooms is named the “Rudy Room” for Rudy Ruettiger, who is a friend of the Skipio founders. A piece of Yankee Stadium’s center field fence fills an upstairs wall. The main-floor shared work space includes an old ski lift gondola in the corner, and a 46-star American Flag hangs between the second and third floors of Skipio.


“Your idea today will never be your idea tomorrow. Always be prepared for change.”

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