AT&T shares the most watched YouTube channel in Utah


The most popular YouTube channel in Utah is TaylorSwiftVEVO. (Image courtesy of AT&T)

Look what she made us do.

Utah watches Taylor Swift’s YouTube channel more than any other channel, according to a study by AT&T’s All Home Connections.

And Utah isn’t alone its love for the country princess turned pop queen: Iowa, Kansas, New Hampshire and Vermont all have TaylorSwiftVEVO as their most viewed channel.

When Swift launched her latest music video, “Look What You Made Me Do,” on Aug. 27, it received 43.2 million views within 24 hours. The study was published at the end of September just a month after Swift’s single was released.

Other states favored different artists — such as Beyonce — while some states preferred toy reviews or comedian and TV show host Ellen Degeneres’ channel.

For this study, All Home Connections used a SocialBlade list on YouTube channels with the most views and then analyzed that list with top Google Trends to determine the most popular YouTube channel in each state. See the full list of most popular YouTube channels in the United States here.

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