Candystore.com reveals Utah’s favorite Halloween candy


Source: CandyStore.com.

When it comes to trick-or-treating, Utah has a sweet tooth for Jolly Ranchers, according to a report by Candystore.com.

The second favorite candy in Utah is Reese’s Cups with Tootsie Pops coming in as the third favorite.

“With Rainbow Bridge and rainbow trout, it would sure seem like Utah is tasting the rainbow,” Candystore.com wrote. “But alas, Skittles did not crack the top 3. It’s Jolly Ranchers again retaining the #1 spot in Utah with over 475,000 pounds consumed. Boom! But people from Utah do seem jolly and there are surely many ranches there, so Jolly Ranchers might be fitting.”

In order to find which state loved which candies, Candystore.com collected 10 years of sales data from 2007–16. The top candy sales leading up to Halloween determined each state’s top three favorite candies. Read more on the study at candystore.com.

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