Utah-Tube: Cosmo the Cougar gives BYU Homecoming football game at least one win


The BYU football team might be struggling to be on the winning side of the game, but BYU’s mascot is #winning.

Cosmo the Cougar continued a new tradition at Friday night’s homecoming football game when he danced with the BYU Cougarettes, BYU’s drill team.

“Back at it last night with our favorite dance partner Cosmo @cosmo_cougar,” the BYU Cougarettes wrote on their Facebook page. “Last year our dance with the mascot started a rash of “copy cats” but in our opinion Cosmo is the one & only!!”

Dancing to “Rolex” by Ayo and Teo, Cosmo and the BYU Cougarettes danced a hip-hop routine that had the crowd going wild.

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