DIY Halloween costumes for the non-crafty and last-minuters


Halloween is ghoul sorts of fun until it’s the night before the big day and you realize you still have to get your family’s Halloween costumes together. Don’t be so spooked! We went to DIY experts Megan Mecham and Stephanie Simmons, the sister duo behind the popular Do it Yourself Divas blog, for DIY Halloween costume ideas that won’t make you go batty.

Here are The Do it Yourself Divas’ creative ideas for spooktacular costumes on the fly:

Pedro and Napoleon Dynamite

When shopping for this duo’s attire, look no further than your local thrift store. And while you’re at it, make yourself a dang quesadilla.

Supply list for Napoleon:

  • Vote for Pedro shirt (We found ours at Kohl’s)
  • Gold-framed 80’s aviator glasses
  • High-waisted jeans
  • Moon boots
Supply list for Pedro:
  • Denim collared shirt
  • Cowboy tie
  • Short brown wig

Find the full Pedro and Napoleon tutorial here.

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

Mecham and Simmons say they laugh out loud every time they look at this photo. Just head to your (or your husband’s) closet for this last-minute costume.

Supply list for Hilary:

  • Any kind of women’s pant suit (We were lucky enough to find one in our Mom’s closet. Bless her heart.)
  • Pearls
  • Add a little bit of crazy-eyes and you’re ready to campaign.

Supply list for Trump:

  • Men’s suit coat, white shirt and red tie
  • The combover is key (check out how we achieved this look on our blog).
  • Talk about building a wall and no one will second guess who you are.

Find the full Hilary and Trump tutorial here.

Barb and Eleven from “Stranger Things”

Last year, Mecham was featured on ABC’s “The Chew” dressed as Barb. “In my first national television debut, I was wearing blue eyeshadow and mom jeans,” Mecham said. “If that’s not a dream come true, I don’t know what is.”

Supply list for Barb:

  • Blue eyeshadow
  • Huge 80s framed glasses
  • Any kind of high-collared blouse
  • Mom jeans
  • Being a ginger helps, but there are wigs and hairsprays that can give you red hair to complete this look.

Supply list for Eleven:

  • Pink dress with a white collar
  • Blue bomber jacket
  • Knee-high striped socks
  • White Converse sneakers
  • Black watch
  • Box of Eggo waffles
  • Don’t forget about the bloody nose (Revlon Dark Purple Lipstick)

Find the full “Stranger Things” tutorial here.

Bee Family

Another fan favorite is Simmons’ little bee family, which was featured on

“It is the simplest of family costumes,” Simmons said. “We cut out her little beehive out of felt and simply hot-glued it to a black shirt. My little girls’ bee outfits were made of tulle.”

Find the full Bee family tutorial here.

Elliot and E.T.

This simple, last-minute costume is out of this world!

Elliot supply list:

  • Bike
  • Red Hoodie
  • Jeans
  • Brown wig

E.T. supply list:

  • White Blanket
  • Basket with a cut out bottom (Check their blog for a tutorial on how to create a basket for E.T. to sit in.)

Find our full E.T. and Elliot tutorial here.

Bob Ross and Painting

“Bob Ross says, ‘We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.’  That is how we feel about this costume,” Mecham said. “Steph makes the best Bob Ross, while my nose makes a pretty great happy little tree.”

Bob Ross supply list:

  • Curly fro wig
  • Painter’s pallet (The duo created one from cardboard.)
  • Paintbrush
  • Collared shirt

Painting supply list:

  • A canvas with a hole cut out for you head
  • Make sure to create a masterpiece on this canvas, one that your face will agree with.

 Black Cat


This costume is by far our most popular Halloween post. Year after year, it is these DIYers’ most viewed post September through October. “We think the simplicity of the costume is what lures people in. We think it’s pretty darn purrfect.”

For our series of tutorials on this look, click here.

Find more from The Do it Yourself Divas on their blog and Instagram account. 


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