Saratoga Springs breaks ground on Patriot Park, a community space


The rendering for Patriot Park in Saratoga Springs shows the layout for the baseball park. Click the image for a closer look. (Rendering courtesy of Saratoga Springs)

Saratoga Springs residents haven’t been able to “take their kids out to the ballgame,” but that problem will soon be solved now that Saratoga Springs City broke ground on Patriot Park Wednesday night.

While the city has a handful of soccer and football fields, Saratoga Springs doesn’t have a single baseball field, which was causing residents to turn to neighboring cities for baseball leagues. Saratoga Springs Mayor Jim Miller said his sons have played in Lehi leagues over the past five years.

“I’ve been there and running into residents all the time over there,” Miller said.

The city received word that Lehi was no longer able to accomodate Saratoga Springs residents on baseball teams because their community members were filling up all the slots, so a community council was organized and Patriot Park was conceptualized.

The new park — which the city aims to open in spring 2019 — includes six baseball fields, eight pickle ball courts, playground, batting cages, concession stands and a veterans memorial. It sits on 30 acres of former farm land.

A baseball-themed playground will be part of Patriot Park in Saratoga Springs. The city aims to open the park in spring 2019. (Rendering courtesy of Saratoga Springs)

“It’s going to preserve open space for the community,” Miller said. “It has views looking across Utah Lake and at the mountains.”

While baseball may have instigated the park, Miller says the park isn’t meant to be for baseball fans only.

“This is phase one in creating a place where the community can come together,” Miller says. … “For a young city, it’s to attract people out to get together and create a community.”

In the future, the city’s goal is to build a larger sports complex for its nearly 30,000 residents. The city has the option of expanding on another approximately 50 acres connected to Patriot Park.

Patriot Park was named because the city is proud of its military representatives and the proximity of Camp Williams. Instead of naming the baseball fields numbers, the fields will be named for the different military branches and first responders.

The groundbreaking marked the 20th anniversary of the growing city. Miller is excited for the project saying, “The support was really overwhelming.”

Patriot Park is located at 400 S. and Saratoga Road in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

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