GENTRI shares a stirring story about love, separation and reunion in its newest music video, “Home.”

Filmed at Port of Newport in Oregon, the lyrics to the song are a letter to a woman from her deceased husband.

“Soon, dear, you’ll find me, where the stars meet the sea. Safe in the whisper that calls you home to me,” the lyrics say.

Throughout the music video — which pulls at the heartstrings — it shows the couples’ life together.

“For years we’ve wanted to bring to life the timeless message of one of our most beloved songs,” GENTRI wrote on YouTube. “Have you ever wondered what a loved one would say if they could write you a letter from the other side? We like to think it would be a message of beauty, peace and hope that you’d one day be united again. ‘Home’ is about the hope and peace that comes from knowing that our deepest relationships in this life will have no end in the eternities.”

The Utah trio of tenors — which includes Brad Robins, Casey Elliott and Bradley Quinn Lever — started in 2014. They most recently joined “Pushing Daisies” and Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth for two shows during BYU’s homecoming event BYU Spectacular!

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