Utah-Tube: BYU Divine Comedy gives hilarious twist to Biblical story of David and Goliath


The Biblical story of David and Goliath heralds the giant feat of a young man saving a nation. In its parody video, BYU Divine Comedy explores how the story could have been different if the Philistines would have been compassionate to a child.

After David, played by Brad Whitbeck, steps forward to challenge Goliath, played by “Studio C” featured cast member Dalton Johnson, Goliath moans, “He’s a child!” Urged to kill David he exclaims, “I’m a giant not a monster.”

Goliath tries to work through the inevitable lose-lose situation as the Philistines start to chant David’s name.

The parody sketch was written by new “Studio C” cast member Tori Pence, who has performed with BYU Divine Comedy for many years. The real account of David and Goliath can be found in the Bible in Samuel 17.

BYU Divine Comedy is a sketch comedy group at Brigham Young University. All the cast members in BYUtv’s “Studio C” began their sketch comedy careers in BYU Divine Comedy.

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