Curtis headed to Congress, results in many other races uncertain


Provo Mayor John Curtis gives his acceptance speech during Primary Election night. (Photo by Trevor Christensen)

Though results won’t be final for weeks, Republican John Curtis is headed to Washington to replace Jason Chaffetz, who left office in June. As of Tuesday night, Curtis led Democrat Kathie Allen 57 percent to 27 percent.

Allen conceded the Third Congressional District race not long after results started rolling in. However, the vote tallies likely will keep changing until Nov. 21. That’s because this was a mail-in election, and it takes longer for counties to receive and count ballots. Utah County will update results again at 3 p.m. on Thursday, then on Nov. 14, Nov. 17 and then finally Nov. 21.

“We did it, we did it! Thank you!” Curtis told a room full of supporters Tuesday night.

He thanked supporters and his opponents, and pledged to serve everyone — including those who didn’t vote for him. “I didn’t get you on our side this time. I hope to be a good congressman for you too. … We disagree about specific policies but mostly we agree about those things that really matter most.”

Curtis, who will need to run for re-election next year, also made 10 pledges to his new constituents:

  1. Not to become a politician
  2. To be a problem solver and find common ground
  3. Stay positive
  4. Work hard
  5. Stay accessible
  6. Serve the under represented: “If you’re not white, Mormon or male, I’m still here for you.”
  7. Protect and uphold the Constitution
  8. Fight for Utah values
  9. Safeguard resources
  10. Put people first

So here’s the election results (so far):

Third Congressional District
Jim Bennett
Utah United
8.88 percent

Joe Buchman
2.18 percent

Kathie Allen
27.13 percent

Jason Christensen
1.50 percent

John Curtis
57.57 percent

Sean Whalen
2.73 percent

Alpine Mayor
Troy Stout: 1,118
Sheldon G. Wimmer: 1,075

Alpine City Council (2)
Judi Pickell: 1,138
Steve Cosper: 1,325
Carla Merrill: 1,162

American Fork Mayor
Carlton E. Bowen: 828
Brad Frost: 2,881

American Fork City Council (2)
Jeffrey Shorter: 1,094
Kyle Barratt: 1,409
Barbara Christiansen: 2,368
Staci Carroll: 1,898

Cedar Hills Mayor
Jenney Rees: 1,025
Curt Crosby: 0

Cedar Hills City Council (2)
Maurice Fernando Navarro: 0
Ben Ellsworth: 770
Denise Andersen: 916

Eagle Mountain Mayor
Stephanie Gricius: 769
Tom Westmoreland: 1,120

Eagle Mountain City Council (2)
Donna Burnham: 1,079
Jared Gray: 854
Matt Visser: 619
Melissa Clark: 980

Elk Ridge Mayor
Melanie Hoover: 179
Ty H. Ellis: 286

Elk Ridge City Council 4-year term (2)
Jared Peterson: 400
David Jean II: 30

Elk Ridge City Council 2-year term
Paul Crook: 223
JT Webster: 206

Highland Mayor
Jessie J. Schoenfeld: 994
Rod Mann: 1,192

Highland City Council (2)
Scott L. Smith: 1,043
Christopher Kemp: 733
Kurt Ostler: 1,376
Dennis LeBaron: 871

Genola Mayor
Marty Larson: 198

Genola City Council (2)
Stanford Judd: 177
Travis Pyne: 172
Quentin L. Francom: 66

Lehi Mayor
Mark I. Johnson: 2,332
Bert Wilson: 2,196

Lehi City Council (2)
Paul C. Hancock: 2,458
Bailey Holmes: 1,842
Chris Condie: 2,816
Sean Williams: 1,216

Lindon Mayor
Jeff Acerson: 1,324

Lindon City Council 4-year term (2)
Jake Hoyt: 973
Russell Stay (Withdrew): 0
Van Broderick: 921
Desiree Green: 367

Lindon City Council 2-year term
Dustin Sweeten: 456
Daril Magleby: 1,005

Mapleton Mayor
Dallas Hakes: 1,303
Brian Wall: 757

Mapleton City Council (2)
Therin Garrett: 980
Reid Carlson: 1,258
Jim F. Lundberg: 1,209

Orem Mayor
Richard F. Brunst Jr.: 7,002
Hans V. Andersen: 3,479

Orem City Council (3)
Annette Harkness: 4,189
David M. Spencer: 5,573
Brent Sumner: 6,265
Melodee Andersen: 2,916
Tom Macdonald: 6,162
Murray Low: 3,597

Payson Mayor
Mike Hardy: 712
Bill Wright: 1,842

Payson City Council (2)
Scott Phillips: 1,098
Taresa Hiatt: 1,184
Larry Skinner: 1,143
Brett Christensen: 1,280

Pleasant Grove Mayor
Guy L. Fugal: 3,484
Cyd LeMone: 1,875

Pleasant Grove City Council (2)
Ben Stanley: 1,843
Dianna N. Andersen: 3,306
Blaine Thatcher: 2,002
Todd Williams: 2,860

Provo Mayor
Sherrie Hall Everett: 2,695
Michelle G. Kaufusi: 3,601
Odell Miner: 1,656

Provo City Council District 2
George Handley: 429
David Clark: 270

Provo City Council District 5
David Harding: 448
Tinesha Zandamela: 294

Provo City Council City Wide I
Dave Sewell: 4,989
Wesley Marriott: 2,751

Salem Mayor
Joshua Wilford Thayer: 21
Kurt L Christensen: 882

Salem City Council (2)
Sterling M. Rees: 1,027
Garrett McLean Jones: 476
Howard Chuntz: 588
Tim Degraw: 503

Santaquin Mayor
Kirk F. Hunsaker: 921

Santaquin City Council (2)
David Hathaway: 495
Tina M. Farnsworth: 326
Nick Miller: 522
Betsy Montoya: 535

Saratoga Springs Mayor
Craig W. Parry: 411
Jim Miller: 1,442

Saratoga Springs City Council (2)
Leah Hansen: 784
Josh Daniels: 0
Michael D. S. McOmber: 1,030
Stephen Willden: 1,203

Spanish Fork Mayor
Chad Argyle: 1,564
Steve Leifson: 2,601

Spanish Fork City Council (2)
Dennis R. Sorensen: 1,753
Keir A. Scoubes: 2,620
Mike Mendenhall: 3,093

Springville Mayor
Richard Child: 2,493
Craig Conover: 1,495

Springville City Council (2)
Brett Nelson: 2,137
Michael Snelson: 2,315
Gene Stulce: 521
Craig L. Jensen: 2,258

Vineyard Mayor
Julie Fullmer: 219
Randy E. Farnworth: 114

Vineyard City Council (2)
John Earnest: 239
Chris Judd: 337
Kevin Mehner: 178

Cedar Hills Proposition 7
FOR the Imposition of the 0.1% Sales and Use Tax
AGAINST the Imposition of the 0.1% Sales and Use Tax

Mapleton Proposition 9
YES: 752
NO: 1,297

Pleasant Grove Proposition 3
For: 1,733
Against: 3,641

Santaquin Special Bond Election
YES: 370
NO: 640


Amie Rose has more than 14 years of experience writing and editing at newspapers in Utah and New Mexico. She graduated from BYU with a degree in journalism. She lives in Utah Valley with her husband, toddler and crazy dog.

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