Utah-Tube: The Piano Guys shoot new music video with iPhone X


The Piano Guys became one of the first groups to film a music video entirely on an iPhone X.

On Thursday, the piano and cello duo released a cover of Niall Horan’s song, “Flicker.”

“We loved the chorus melody and felt there was tremendously emotional capacity in the longing built into the lyrics, which the cello and piano mimic in a musical give and take,” The Piano Guys wrote on their YouTube video.

As a last-minute video shoot, The Piano Guys wrote the music and shot the video within 24 hours. The group sandwiched the video shoot in at 2 a.m. between two performances at the Tuacahn Ampitheatre in St. George, Utah in October.

“Sleep is overrated. Perhaps ‘burning the candle at both ends’ fit the ‘flicker’ theme quite appropriately?” The Piano Guys wrote.

Since The Piano Guys were trying to keep filming simple and testing the new iPhone X’s capabilities, the group shot the entire video in 60 minutes.

“We filmed in 4K (2160p resolution – 3840 pixels × 2160 lines) at 24 frames per second (no iPhone has been able to film at this rate before — this gives the video a more film-like look),” The Piano Guys wrote. “Filming this in the middle of the night allowed us to test the iPhone X’s low light capabilities. We also utilized its dual lens feature to create different focal lengths.”

The Piano Guys recently released a new Christmas album, “Christmas Together.”

Rebecca Lane

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