If Kari Densley isn’t running her three children around, she can often be found visiting her favorites shops at Traverse Mountain. (Photo by Greg Bennett/UV Mag)

Before Traverse Mountain was the beehive of activity it is today, Kari Densley used to rely on the occasional weekend to Park City to reset her batteries. Now, a quick trip to Traverse Mountain from her home in American Fork makes any Friday a “girls night out” with her 17-year-old daughter.

“I’m very visual and even do some design,” Kari says. “I love the aesthetics of the Traverse area. The layout of the shops, the design of the buildings — all with the mountains in the background — the whole thing has a calming effect on me. It’s a great place for me to get away.”

A night out with mother and daughter usually starts with something to eat. “We love Johnny Rockets. I get the Garden Black Bean Burger, and my daughter loves the shakes,” Kari says. Then the duo makes its way over to Amara Day Spa Salon & Boutique for a quick look around. A trip to the Outlets at Traverse Mountain finds plenty of distractions for both mother and daughter.

“There are so many shops here, you really can find something for everyone,” Kari says. “I hit my favorite stores and she can hit some that aren’t as high-end. Adults more often look for quality while teens often prefer quantity. We can both find things we love.”

If a quicker trip is in order, Kari finds nothing beats a drink and a cookie at the Swig location next to her new favorite grocery store — Harmon’s.

“I have a lot of shopping near me, but I love to find good deals and I don’t like to spend a lot of time shopping — I get in and I get out,” Kari says. “Traverse Mountain has so much — all in a small area — that it makes it easy to find great deals without spending a long time driving.”

Bargains Squared

The Outlets at Traverse Mountain will often cross-pollinate by offering coupons to a another store when you checkout. This encourages shoppers to mosey throughout the Outlets — and it’s one of Kari’s secrets to finding the best deals.

“I’m that crazy shopper who thrives on finding a great deal,” she says. “Getting the coupons to other stores means I will consider buying that cute shirt for my daughter that I wouldn’t have paid full price for. It’s a convenient way to get better deals and visit more shops.”

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