Technology companies aren’t the only ones finding success at the Point of the Mountain. Dr. Scott Stapley opened Traverse Mountain Family Dental in October 2013 after moving back to Utah from Arizona. The location has led to steady growth for his business. (Photo by Greg Bennett/UV Mag)

When Dr. Scott Stapley returned to his native Utah to open a dental practice after stops in Ohio, Idaho and Arizona, he wanted the perfect location.

“My wife is originally from Alpine and we live there now, so I wanted a limited commute. But I also wanted to build my business in a vibrant area that had opportunities to grow,” Dr. Stapley says. “This is just the place.”

Like other business owners, Dr. Stapley has found the Point of the Mountain to be the right blend of established, growing and new. The area is already stacked with friendly neighborhoods and dedicated residents eager to have dental work done close to home. However, it is also filled with empty space still waiting to be developed.

“There is tremendous growth and opportunity here,” Dr. Stapley says. “There are a lot of places experiencing growth in Utah — but no place is growing like here.”

In fact, when Dr. Stapley opened his office four years ago, his building was the only office space available in the entire area.


Growing Pains

While his own commute from Alpine to Lehi is a piece of cake for him, Dr. Stapley is aware that the traffic is a frustration for many.

“We’re insulated from a lot of problems here, but traffic — especially on I-15 — is certainly something that needs to be addressed,” Dr. Stapley says.


“There was nothing on this side of the freeway,” he says. “I’m glad we liked it because it was our only option!”

His business — Traverse Mountain Family Dental — is surrounded by development perfect for a dentist. He’s located just south of a new elementary school and conveniently close to shopping areas and services.

“The number of businesses coming in has been remarkable,” Dr. Stapley says. “The technology sector continues to grow, which typically brings high-paying jobs. With that comes a vibrant business community looking to support those employees and their families. We’re included in that.”

Dr. Stapley finds he has a large number of patients who aren’t originally from Utah. They are looking for a dentist — and every other service someone needs when moving in from out of state.

“With companies like Adobe and Oracle close by, there are a lot of people going and coming all the time,” he says. “The employees talk to each other, and so we get a majority of our new patients through word of mouth.”

Throw in new neighborhoods like Vista Ridge (built by Fieldstone Homes) and neighbor-to-neighbor marketing keeps new patients coming in regularly.

“We are seeing dozens of new patients each month and are excited about the growth that brings to the practice,” Dr. Stapley says.

In fact, the practice’s growth has led Dr. Stapley to add a dentist — Dr. Jeremy Sant — to meet the needs of the ever-increasing number of patients.

Prime Location

Dr. Scott Stapley and his team feel connected to the entire Traverse Mountain area, partially because his practice shares a building with Traverse Mountain Development.

“We know what’s going on from the residential side, and Traverse Mountain Development is in tune with the other areas of growth,” Dr. Stapley says. “We know a little more about what’s going on because of where our office is located.”

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