Meet Santa Kay


Kay Haws starts growing his Santa beard in August and keeps it through January. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst/UV Mag)

AGE: 74

Kay and his wife Karen Haws love playing Santa and Mrs. Claus because they love the spirit little children bring. One of the signature parts of their visit is leading all the children in “Silent Night” before they leave.

FORMER CAREER: Electrician and father

STAPLE SANTA GIGS: I’ve been dressing up as Santa for almost 10 years. I do little private parties for friends.

NAUGHTY LIST: Sometimes when I ask kids if they have been naughty or nice, their parents interject and tell me about the dirty socks under their bed.

“One my grandsons used to say that he wanted to be Santa when he grew up so he could take over the ‘family business.’” — Santa Kay

BEARD TALK: I start growing my Santa beard in August and keep it through January.

CURIOUS KIDS: When kids ask me where my sleigh is, I tell them it is in the shop getting a new GPS system and that my reindeer are at home getting fattened up for the big ride.

FAMILY BUSINESS: One my grandsons used to say that he wanted to be Santa when he grew up so he could take over the “family business.”

“YOU’RE NOT THE REAL SANTA!”: When they ask if I am the real Santa, I tell them that Santa can’t be everywhere so he has special helpers.

SANTA TIMES TWO: One time my wife and I were at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain during Christmas time. They had a Santa event there and a couple kids were walking in and saw me on a bench when they got confused. They said, “Wait, what are you doing out here?”

WINNING OVER A NERVOUS CHILD: I just hand them off to Mrs. Claus.


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