‘The Office’ actor posts picture of sister missionaries on Instagram


Mormon “The Office” fans have had a good day.

On Wednesday, Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute on “The Office,” posted a picture of two sister missionaries on Instagram along with a simple caption: “I was visited by some very nice Mormon missionary Sisters this morning.”

I was visited by some very nice Mormon missionary Sisters this morning.

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As of Thursday afternoon, the post had more than 37,000 likes. The post had hundreds of comments, some of which included references to comedic Dwight Schrute quotes, including:

  • @delong.jack – “Bears. Beets. Battle hymn of the republic.”
  • @poetickate – “Would I ever leave this church? Look, I’m all about loyalty. In fact, I feel like part of what I’m being paid for here is my loyalty. But if there were somewhere else that valued loyalty more highly… I’m going wherever they value loyalty the most.”
  • @michealharmon1 – Did tell them about the b&b at Shrute Farms?

Besides his role on the office, Wilson is also known for co-creating a website called “SoulPancake,” which creates positive content.

Sister missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serve missions for a year and a half. They can begin their service at age 19. Male missionaries, called elders, serve for two years and can begin their service at the age of 18.

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