With the brand: Meet the branding expert helping entrepreneurs rock the retail world


Jeremy Brockbank

As CEO of Ant Hill Retail, Jeremy Brockbank helps businesses take products from unknown to prime time — including “Shark Tank” contenders KISSTIXX and The Spatty. The Woodland Hills native is also involved with Invigorate, an essential oil accessory provider, and is currently gearing up to launch a new venture called Volcanic. Before Brockbank was an entrepreneur, he worked in the athletic department for The University Of Oklahoma and still follows the football team religiously. When he isn’t juggling his bevy of brands, Brockbank is juggling his four, soon to be five, children.

Wake up 4 a.m. For some reason, this is the time my body wants to work. Typical breakfast Green smoothie and Wheaties. Biggest phobia My kids being taken prey by a mountain lion. Currently reading “Driven” (Larry H. Miller autobiography). Favorite food Watermelon. Best gift received 365 notes from my wife, Jen. Guilty pleasure Reading ESPN Insider or listening to the Paul Finebaum show. If my career was a song it would be “America” by Imagine Dragons. Best vacation spot Venice, Italy. If I didn’t live in Utah Valley I’d live in Maui. Local brand doing it right Rockwell watches. National brands doing it right Chick Fil-A and Mercedes. Favorite family spot Thanksgiving Point Gardens. Best place for business lunch Harvest. My employees are Talented, hard working, motivated and honest. Life as an entrepreneur is A massive rollercoaster with peaks and valley. Best office I’ve ever been in Best Buy corporate office. Text, phone or email? Definitely email. Last picture on my phone My son’s pinewood derby. Favorite kind of meeting Strategy. Worst thing about being an entrepreneur No guarantees. Work motto If you want something, go get it. Period. Two words to describe living in Utah Valley Booming and beautiful. Experiences when I was most nervous Trying to close a deal in Michael Jackson’s home and working on a project in Lori Greiner’s home. Last thought before bed Did I overpay for my BYU/Wisconsin tickets?


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