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Proper estate planning can avoid legal challenges and family stress later on. Sundance Law Group offers personalized solutions for family estate planning. (Stock Photo)

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Marianne Ludlow founded Sundance Law Group to help Utah County families and businesses secure their future through proper legal planning.

“Wills, trusts and business agreements aren’t just for the rich — they are for anyone who has something to lose,” Marianne says. “Inadequate or outdated planning can cause permanent family rifts or leave inadequate resources for your loved ones. My goal to help people protect themselves, their families and their businesses by having the right legal documents in place. I do this by making legal planning both affordable and easy to navigate.”

As an attorney focusing on estate and business planning, Marianne knows some of the most lasting gifts someone can give their family include a will, trust and organized legal plan.

“I talked with a client recently whose dad died leaving a mess — no organization and no legal planning — resulting in family contention and long hours spent trying to figure everything out,” Marianne says. “My client told me he had a dream recently where he saw his dad in the next life and, instead of giving him a hug, he tried to strangle him. Because I see the unfortunate fallout of failing to plan, I know the immense value of this gift.”

So, why is legal planning important?

Marianne Ludlow, attorney and counselor at law, and Jennifer J. Colwell, client services director are part of the sundance Law team.

“We plan for those we love,” Marianne says. “I have families call me after a loved one can’t manage his or her affairs anymore and they want to get a will, trust or power of attorney in place for that person. At that point, however, it is often too late. The family now must go through the tedious and expensive process of petitioning a court and having continued government oversight. A proper plan can avoid that painful process as well as allow assets to pass smoothly to a person’s beneficiaries upon death.”   

Marianne takes a personalized approach to estate and business planning. She takes time to listen and gets to know her clients and their families. She then creates a tailored estate plan that not only organizes and transfers a client’s assets, but also conveys treasured values, experiences and memories to the next-generation.

Sundance Law is committed to strengthening families through effective estate planning, and their guided approach helps clients create a legacy that will be beloved by future generations.

To assist families with reliable information about estate and business planning in Utah, Marianne offers a free booklet on her website titled “The Top Estate Planning Mistakes in Utah (and How to Avoid Them).”

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