The Last Word: Money Maestro


Lori Reay works for Hawkins Advisors as a partner at DWC – The 401(k) Experts.

With more than 16 years of experience in retirement accounting at Hawkins Advisors, Lori Reay knows a thing or 401 about planning for the future. And with the company’s recent merger with national company, DWC-The 401(k) Experts, her future looks as bright and accounted for as ever. The Pleasant Grove mother of three works entirely from home. She loves her own flexibility, and how her job allows her to help others create financial flexibility in retirement.

Wake up 5:15 a.m. First thought What do I need to accomplish today? Breakfast Yogurt. Work motto Work hard, play hard. As a child I was A go-getter, always striving for top marks. Oldest, middle or youngest child? Oldest. In college I wanted to study law. I changed to accounting, and today I actually get a good mix of both because I do retirement plans. Reading right now “Who Moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. Favorite TV show “Big Bang Theory.” Favorite Food Creme Brulee. Least favorite food Seafood. Best gift you’ve ever received My three kids! Biggest phobia Swimming in water with fish. Favorite city Venice. Favorite thing about living in Utah The scenery, the mountains, the changing seasons and the outdoor activities. Three words to describe Utah Valley Growth, tech-savvy, I-15 traffic. If I didn’t live in Utah I would live in Ireland. My employees are Smart, resourceful, and always trying to make me look good. My employees would describe me as Straightforward and goal oriented. Being an entrepreneur is Challenging and rewarding. Best local office building doTERRA. Favorite local entrepreneur Brad Caldwell from SecurityMetrics. Emails a day Up to 75. Hours worked a day 10. Best place for business lunch Harvest at Thanksgiving Point. Favorite kind of meeting Informal and interactive. Key to success Persistence. Biggest mistake entrepreneurs make Not letting go and trusting the team you have built. Best thing about being an entrepreneur Flexibility. Worst part of being an entrepreneur Stress. Favorite social media follow Brandon Fugal from Coldwell Banker. Last picture taken on my phone U.S. Capital Building when I was at The American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries march on the Hill in Washington D.C. Last thought before bed What time I got up this morning. Asleep 11 pm.


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