Utah-Tube: The Piano Guys light up the night with dancing Christmas lights and piano music


The Piano Guys took a hint from Clark Griswold for their “I Saw Three Ships” music video by lighting up the night sky with piano music.

Using 500,000 Christmas lights, pianist Jon Schmidt manipulated the dancing lights with his keyboard. And, yes, he really did play the piano that made the lights dance, according to The Piano Guys. In fact, the police sirens at the end of the video are more than a joke — the police really did show up.

“We’d like to thank them for their kindness and mercy,” The Piano Guys wrote. “No pianists were harmed or jailed in the making of this video.”

Schmidt wrote this arrangement for “I Saw Three Ships” more than 20 years ago.

“’I Saw 3 Ships’ is one of my very favorite pieces to play on the piano,” Schmidt wrote. “It is just pure fun. Arranged, over 20 years ago, it still stands as the arrangement that was hardest for me to finish. It was a six month process to get the arrangement to finally feel right. My young family sure felt the pain of it! (We were living in a tiny house with a little upright piano in the struggling early days of my music career). This arrangement carries a soft spot in my heart as it brings back happy memories of those early years.””

If you want to see this real-life Christmas light display, Utah residents are in luck. The Richardson and Smart families at 1731 Hidden Valley Club Dr. in Sandy, Utah donated their homes for the music video and have the display on nightly.

Rebecca Lane

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