5 tips for Christmas cards that will match your family’s personality


Pro Digital Photos creator Veronica Chapman says you can think outside the box in holiday card design.
(Photo courtesy of Pro Digital Photos)

It’s the holiday season, which means its time to get out those holiday cards.

Photographer Kristina Curtis and Pro Digital Photos Owner Veronica Chapman shared their professional tips on crafting creative Christmas cards that give the gift of a piece of your family’s personality in an envelope.

1. Use a template

When creating holiday cards, one of the foolproof ways to save time and ensure a professional look is to use a template. For example, Curtis chose to use multiple photos in her personal holiday card. She used a fall photo of her family and then included closeup photos of her young sons. Others choose to go the one family photo route.

“It tells a story,” Curtis, owner of Kristina Curtis Photography, said. “One picture versus 2-5, it’s going to really tell the story of your family and how they interact together.”

2. Give the card curves

It turns out that cards don’t have to be rectangular shaped. Pro Digital Designs has standard cards that fold, geometric shaped cards and foiled cards.

“Folded cards can sit on a bookshelf all year like a display,” Chapman said. “Sometimes when people are choosing a card, that might represent their personality, too. Those are fun or unique cards that you wouldn’t see at a generic box store.”

Using props in your holiday photos is one way to capture personality, according to photographer Kristina Curtis. (Photo by Kristina Curtis Photography)

3. Pick a greeting

One way to illustrate what is important to your family is through picking a greeting.

“Typically, what ties it all together and makes it feel like a Christmas card is the greeting,” Chapman said. … “The catch phrase might represent a little bit of their personalities.”

Some popular greetings include rejoice, noel, warm wishes, joyful and, of course, merry Christmas.

4. Showcase your family

Curtis says while holiday-themed photos are fun, any photo from the year will work in Christmas cards, especially with the varying designs.

“Your Christmas cards can be any photos,” Curtis said. “They don’t have to be totally Christmas. My favorite photos that go on Christmas cards are one family photo where everyone is trying to get close, everyone’s smiling and laughing or looking at the camera. That way people can see how much your family has changed and grown.”

However, if you do choose to create a holiday specific photo, Curtis recommends choosing a location with evergreens and using props, such as sleds, wreaths or other holiday products.

5. Extend to envelopes

Through some companies, such as Pro Digital Photos, you can get addresses printed on the envelopes, which saves time.

“You won’t realize how much time it saves you until you get an order with printed envelopes,” Chapman said. “And it looks cute too because it is just as cute as the card. It makes it fun and easy.”

Plus, the design of your card carries over to the envelope.

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