A year in review: 2017 Utah Valley BusinessQ covers


Utah Valley BusinessQ’s quarterly magazine cues you in to all of the ins and outs of Utah Valley businesses. In 2017, our “Q Awards” feature returned and we continued with our annual UV50 awards. Here’s what we learned about business in 2017 from our four issues.


The return of the Q Awards helped us cue you in on some of the best movers and makers in Utah Valley. Naming the Company of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Executive of the Year, Marketer of the Year and Headliner of the Year, we got the inside scoop on these award-worthy Utah Valley businesses. Then we got real with real estate experts in our roundtable discussion. Read the cover story here.


It’s not all about the money — sometimes it’s about the company. We highlighted three Utah Valley businesses that work hard for the people, showing employees appreciation for the daily grind. Chatbooks (which claimed the cover with Chatbooker-in-Chief Vanessa Quigley), BambooHR and 97th Floor earned the honor of the Best Companies to Work For. Then we continued the people-focused theme by talking to HR experts in our roundtable discussion. Read the cover story here.


Taking a hint from the founding father on the $10 bill, Alexander Hamilton, the Fall 2017 issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ was all things Hamilton. In the issue and our annual UV50 Gala, we recognized 50 businesses — 30 fastest-growing companies, 10 economic engines and 10 startups to watch — that were “not going to waste (their) shot.” Then our roundtable brought direct sales experts into the office to talk all things network marketing. Read the cover story here.


We took our shoes off when we brought back our “Coolest Entrepreneurs” feature. These entrepreneurs knocked our socks off with not only their business savvy, but also their fun-filled approach to business. Then we brought in our digital marketing experts to talk click fate and influencers in a roundtable discussion. Read the cover story here.

Rebecca Lane

While her first language is sarcasm, Rebecca dabbles in English and Russian to achieve her lifelong dream of being a journalist. A BYU sports fan, reading enthusiast and wannabe world traveler, Rebecca is a Colorado transplant that is convinced Colorado's mountains are much larger than the many Utah County peaks. Rebecca manages UtahValley360.com for Bennett Communications. Follow her on Twitter @rebeccalane.

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