Utah’s most interesting top seller at Walmart in 2017


Walmart studied the top 25 items sold at Walmart in each state and chose one item as the most interesting top seller from that list.
(Image courtesy of Walmart)

The No. 1 item on Utahns’ list when they shop at Walmart is a personal travel care kit.

The study conducted by Walmart evaluated purchases made at Walmart.com to determine what was the top selling item in each state at Walmart. However, the top seller may not be the true top seller, but it is the “most interesting” seller.

To determine the top seller, Walmart collected data on each state’s top 25 best-selling items in 2017. From that list, Walmart chose the most interesting top seller from each state. For Utahns, the pre-prepared travel kits came in at the top.

Some interesting top sellers include:

  • Idaho’s love for the My Little Pony Mini Collection
  • Nevada’s need for dog treats
  • Pennsylvania’s collection of plastic hangers
  • Minnesota’s food relationship with Flaming Hot Cheetos

Walmart didn’t release the full list of the top 25 items in each state. Read more about the top sellers at Walmart here.

Rebecca Lane

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