18 tales to glean in 2018: 18.8-mile stretch of Silicon Slopes


Silicon Slopes is home to multiple tech companies in Utah.

The two tech hot spots in Utah County are separated by 18.8 miles. Thanksgiving Point’s business mecca and Provo Center Street are the primary NICU units for birthing businesses, with vendors and startups sprinkled in between along I-15.

The Classic Town

Provo is the county seat and is home to the traditional Utah County reputation, but it is far from being out of date. Since 2008, Utah Valley BusinessQ Magazine (a sister pub to Utah Valley Magazine) has named 500 local companies in its annual UV50. Provo is home to 30 percent of those cumulatively featured. Provo is also home to the most Startups to Watch featured in BusinessQ.

The Tech Center

The Point of the Mountain has traditionally been a geographic and cultural barrier between two counties, but now it’s the connector where the state’s tech companies start and grow. Lehi is home to 16 percent of the 500 companies that were featured in the UV50 since 2008. Lehi came in fourth place with the best start-up companies in Utah County to watch, behind Provo, Orem and American Fork. However, Lehi has 23 percent of the fastest growing companies in the valley.

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