18 tales to glean in 2018: State of the 18th State


The commemorative coins, like this Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission coin, are available at MormonBrands.com and Mr. Mac in American Fork and Orem.

Louisiana was the 18th star on the United States flag, and the latest LA love coming out of Utah County is in the form of an LDS mission coin. Commemorative coins were made popular by the military, which often gives coins for completing a mission. NFL teams and cities started taking note and creating their own coins. Matt Bennett of Cedar Hills (publisher of Utah Valley Magazine) designed original coins for all 421 LDS missions as a way to celebrate the 18- or 24-month tour of service completed by full-time missionaries. These hand-painted, metallic beauties are available at MormonBrands.com and at Mr. Mac in the University Mall and American Fork.


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