18 tales to glean in 2018: Of Legal Age


Dry ice. (Thinkstock Photo)

Turning 18 is a rite of passage. You have more independence and options than you did one day ago as a minor. Here are three things you can do in Utah after blowing out your 18 candles.

Buy Dry Ice: As a teenager, it is always frustrating when you want to make homemade root beer or remove floor tile for fun on a Saturday afternoon and you can’t legally buy the good stuff! On your 18th birthday, you’ll be able to “adult” and buy all of the dry ice your heart and frozen fingers desire.

Get Married: After your 18th birthday, you could get married and, legally, no one could stop you. At 18, you can legally get married without your parents consent. What a crazy, spontaneous and life-changing way to celebrate becoming an adult.

Becoming A Real Adult: If getting married at 18 seems a little too overwhelming and drastic, you could go a much simpler route and get a full-time job. Legally at 18 you can get a full-time job that requires employees to use heavy equipment and get transportation permits that were illegal to obtain as a minor. 18-year-olds can also apply for loans, establish credit and register for the draft.

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