The first CoreLife Eatery location in Utah is in American Fork. (Photo courtesy of CoreLife Eatery)

The past 12 years of my life have been ones of transformation, rebuilding, discovery and joy — all blooming from my quest to overcome fear and live in love.  It has been quite a journey.  A large part of this has been overcoming my fear of failure to tackle anything physical. It took me six years to lose 100 pounds, and I have now been at this weight for eight years. Now, I think twice about every piece I choose to eat and I am always on the look-out for great restaurants that support my lifestyle and goals.

There’s a new healthy choice in town called CoreLife Eatery, located in American Fork. This is their first location in Utah, and I typically do not review restaurants that aren’t headquartered locally. But this one is noteworthy enough to feature for Utah Valley readers.

The location has a hip healthy vibe with so many choices that you could go for weeks and still never try all the combinations. Though I love all the choices, it was a little confusing at first to see all the options and try to build my own meal.

Mary Crafts-Homer took six years to lose 100 pounds.

For your first visit to CoreLife, I recommend to go directly to the counter and ask them to explain how everything works. They have a nice menu board offering their most popular combinations to make your first time very easy. Choose your greens or grains, choose proteins, add-ins, dressing or broth, bread or no bread, and voila! You have a fabulous healthy lunch that leaves your ready to tackle the afternoon rather than sluggish the rest of the day!

I tried the Ancient Grains and Greens (regular size) and found I was completely full after half the bowl. My friend did a BYOB (build your own bowl) and hers was delicious with every green and condiment, chicken, and cilantro lime dressing. Yum.

As 2018 starts, many of us are looking to refocus on our health. Choosing where to eat is a big part of it. I also invite you to join me on my weekly podcasts as I share my life lessons and tips for claiming your lifestyle and overcoming fear.

The best tip I have for weight loss is this: During times of active weight loss, simply don’t eat after 5 p.m. I know this sounds too hard, but when you start waking up every day 1/2 pound lighter, you begin relishing the feeling of going to bed hungry. Don’t starve yourself during your waking hours but let your weight loss happen while you’re sleeping!

Until next time, remember to drink in the joy of life and love.

Love, Mary

Mary Crafts-Homer owns Culinary Crafts based in Pleasant Grove, and is a 13-time “Best of State” Caterer.

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