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Medical Profile

Amara Day Spa, Salon & Boutique in Orem and Lehi is Utah County’s premier one-stop shop. With so many services — including medical spa, day spa, salon services, waxing, lash extensions, nails, CoolSculpting and a boutique — Amara is the perfect spot for guests to have the ultimate experience.

One of Amara’s favorite treatments to perform is CoolSculpting, which is a non-invasive procedure that freezes away unwanted fat and eliminates it from your body within 12 weeks of treatment. Unlike liposuction, it has no anesthesia, no surgery and no downtime.

“CoolSculpting is one of the easiest, most effective treatments I have ever done,” says Leigh Bennett, founder of Amara and CoolSculpting Specialist. “I have had multiple areas done now including arms, love handles, inner thigh, my ‘banana roll’ (under the bum), and I’m now starting treatment on my knees. Every time I get it done, I can go home, be with my kids, workout, do everything I normally do but I know that my fat in that area will fade away as I continue to live my healthy lifestyle. It’s definitely worth coming to Amara for a free consultation to see if it would be a great treatment for you.”

With over 1,000 treatments performed, Amara is one of the leading providers of CoolSculpting in Utah Valley.

The facility’s two machines can “dual sculpt” by CoolSculpting two areas at once, freezing twice the fat in half the time.

The procedure is so efficient that Amara also offers medical spa treatments while you get CoolSculpting done.

“You can receive any of our medical injections such as Botox, facial fillers, Kybella, chemical peels, etc. all while you are getting your fat frozen,” Leigh says. “We know that our guest’s time is valuable and we want to give them the best possible treatment in the least amount of time.”

The CoolSculpting team is available for free consultations Monday through Saturday at Amara’s Orem location.

This article was part of the Medical Profile section in the 2018 January/February issue of Utah Valley Magazine. To be part of our magazine business profile sections, contact shane.utahvalley360@gmail.com.

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