Dr. Brandon Fairbanks and his family.

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Brandon Fairbanks, D.M.D., M.S.
3300 N. Running Creek Way, #F-102, Lehi
(801) 766-4660
Medical Profile

When choosing orthodontic care, what do you expect from your orthodontist and his staff? A warm, inviting atmosphere? A doctor and staff who are attentive and caring? A team that puts patients’ needs first?

Those are all things patients get at Fairbanks Orthodontics.

Dr. Brandon Fairbanks and his friendly and professional staff are all smiles every time a patient walks through the door. In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to catch this contagious smiling and to show off their own beautifully braced grin.

“Our staff members are fantastic from a clinical aspect, but their personalities are even better,” Dr. Fairbanks says.

Dr. Fairbanks may have specialized in orthodontics while attending the University of Louisville, but the staff at Fairbanks Orthodontics specializes in patient happiness.

“We listen to our patients,” Dr. Fairbanks says. “We want to hear their thoughts and concerns, and most of all we want to make sure they are happy with their results.”

From monthly prize drawings to summer parties for patients and their families to monthly in-chair procedures, Dr. Fairbanks and his staff insist the experience is unlike any other, and more importantly, the patient comes first — and that’s something everyone can smile about.

In addition to standard braces, Fairbanks Orthodontics also offers clear braces (Invisalign) at no additional cost, as well as many other options to ensure patients receive the smile they want.

“You are never too old to get the smile you deserve,” Dr. Fairbanks says. “We have patients who range from 8 years old to 80!”

With several different levels of treatment available, and depending on each patient’s unique smile, treatment can range from a few months to the full two-year program. Fairbanks Orthodontics consults with each patient to ensure the most desirable option brings the best results.

Dr. Fairbanks loves to help patients achieve the smile they want to have. Trust a specialist and call (801) 766-4660 to schedule an appointment.

Medical Tip

Orthodontics isn’t just about aesthetics. While everyone looks better with a great smile, there are many medical reasons for getting teeth straightened. Misaligned teeth can lead to serious problems with the jaw and teeth may wear unevenly, making it difficult to chew. It’s also harder to keep misaligned teeth clean. Sugary substances find their way into the spaces between teeth, and no matter how hard you brush, you’ll never reach all the places where those sugars hide. Straightening teeth solves these problems along with a host of other benefits.

This article was part of the Medical Profile section in the 2018 January/February issue of Utah Valley Magazine. To be part of our magazine business profile sections, contact shane.utahvalley360@gmail.com.

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