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Dr. Konrad Kennington grew up in Utah and recently joined the specialists at Rock Creek Neurosurgery after finishing his medical training from the University of Utah. He routinely treats back and neck pain, cancer-related pain, leg pain, sciatica, nerve pain, headaches and performs spine and joint injections, spinal cord stimulation, kyphoplasty and radio frequency ablation.

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Behind every beautiful thing, there’s been some kind of pain.”

These lyrics from Bob Dylan’s “Not Dark Yet” illustrate the prevalence of pain in the human experience.

However, with modern interventions and the expertise and treatment of Dr. Konrad Kennington, Utah Valley residents can experience a little less pain.

“Pain is complicated and can come from a wide range of issues,” Dr. Kennington says. “I use multiple diagnostic techniques to incorporate the most effective treatments we have available. We’re about improving the quality of life for our patients, regardless of the cause of the pain.”

Dr. Kennington specialized in pain medicine and anesthesiology at the University of Utah School of Medicine and works closely with patients suffering from chronic pain in all areas of the body. His careful treatment of patients allows them to regain a level of daily activity that adds to the richness they feel in all other areas of life.

“I love seeing the change in patients,” he says. “I enjoy hearing their stories about how the treatments have allowed them to get their life back.”

For example, one young mother came to Dr. Kennington after back surgery failed to relieve her pain. Her bad back affected how she could spend her time with her children. It would take her 45 minutes to get out of bed.

After working with Dr. Kennington and his staff, the patient regained the physical ability to be the type of mother she wanted to be.

Many patients can be helped by an in-office injection or through responsible and knowledgeable medication management. Others benefit from more intensive procedures. Dr. Kennington uses spinal cord stimulation — where electrodes interfere with pain signals, alleviating pain — that is especially helpful for post-surgery patients who didn’t receive desired results from the surgery.

Rhizotomy — or radiofrequency ablation treatment — uses heat to deaden nerves in the back or other joint. This can minimize pain in arthritic joints.

“We work to get patients in quickly and implement a multidisciplinary approach to treating their complex pain problems,” Dr. Kennington says. “It is rewarding to see that most people promptly see an improvement in their pain and quality of life.”

Dr. Kennington is now accepting new patients and can usually see them on the same day the appointment is made.

Medical Tip

Seek specialized help in treating pain. Pain is complicated and doesn’t usually come from one isolated part of the back or neck. Specialists like Dr. Kennington know how to optimally treat all the sources of pain with a responsible medical plan. With a growing, country-wide opioid epidemic, closely monitoring medications as part of an effective pain-management plan is crucial to getting the best results with the fewest side effects.

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