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Dr. Eric Freeman & Dr. Bryan C. Hoelzer

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Pain is a complicated issue that affects the lives of most people at some point. Dr. Eric Freeman and Dr. Bryan Hoelzer work carefully with patients and utilize the latest in technology and research to maximize spine and pain care while minimizing the reliance on prescription medication.

“Pain is a complicated issue and comes from a variety of sources,” says Dr. Hoelzer. “We have the knowledge and expertise to determine the likely cause of the pain and then know all the options for treatment.”

Both Dr. Freeman and Dr. Hoelzer received training from the prestigious Mayo Clinic — a world-leader in patient care and pain management research — and stay up to date on the most effective solutions for patients of all types. The physicians associated with all locations of Southwest Spine & Pain Center share similar training.

Dr. Freeman and Dr. Hoelzer work to diagnose the medical problem and then coordinate treatments which can include physical therapy, medications, injection therapies and minimally invasive surgery to resolve the problem. When needed, they will coordinate with surgical colleagues for the patient’s benefit. Southwest Spine & Pain physicians are experts in this ideal, proven and comprehensive strategy to spine and pain care.

Cutting-edge therapies include spinal cord stimulation and regenerative medicine technologies that include stem cell treatments — usually from the patient’s own body — which are placed into the damaged areas of the body such as discs, joints, tendons or ligaments to promote healing.

“We are still learning a lot about stem cell treatments, but the results for certain conditions have been very encouraging,” Dr. Hoelzer says. “Stem cell treatments are remarkable and it is an area of medicine that’s very exciting.”


Medical Tip

Visit a pain management specialist. Specialists like Dr. Eric Freeman and Dr. Bryan Hoelzer have the tools and knowledge to broaden the options available to patients. They also have a focused practice where every staff member is trained in the subtleties of pain management.


Arthritis in the joints of the lower back often benefit from the minimally invasive treatment with radiofrequency neurotomy, a procedure that uses heat to interrupt the small branch nerves that transmit pain from spinal facet joints.

Spinal cord stimulation uses electrical impulses to provide pain relief, and minimize the need for medications taken by mouth that often have numerous unwanted side effects.

When traditional medications are required to supplement other pain relief methods, Dr. Freeman and Dr. Hoelzer have the time and expertise to carefully monitor a patient’s medication use.

“We see patients who are referred to us by primary care physicians or physical therapists because more basic treatments aren’t effective,” Dr. Freeman says. “We are focused on returning our patients to the quality of life they knew before the chronic pain.”

Besides the Provo office, Southwest Spine & Pain Center also has locations in Logan, Mt. Pleasant, Richfield, Cedar City, Hurricane and two locations in St. George.

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