“Studio C” took a trip “under the sea” for one of its most recent sketches.

Creating a parody for Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” Ariel (played by Mallory Everton) approaches Ursula (played by Whitney Call) about helping her catch Prince Eric’s attention.

But things get a little awkward when Ursula gives Ariel the assignment to persuade Prince Eric to kiss Ariel by the third day in order to prove he loves Ariel. “That’s how love works, sweetheart,” Ursula declares.

Ariel recounts: “Ursula, people kiss each other all the time and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in love.”

The sketch originally appeared on Season 8, episode 9 of “Studio C.” Prior to the video being posted. Everton shared a behind-the-scenes photo that showed how mermaid appropriate her Little Mermaid costume was.

When you literally cannot move in your costume you either end up in a wheelchair or ditching your tentacles and looking a little bit like Mr. Incredible’s weird sister. #littlemermaid

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