The new parking structure west of The Orchard will add 700 parking stalls to the shopping mall and should open in February 2018. (Photo by Rebecca Lane/UV360)

At this point it’s not a secret that Utah County is growing. Utah County is expected to double in size over the next 20 years, which will bring the population size to more than 1 million people.

This has Utah County’s economic developers singing the same tune — growth means growing pains.

“Our biggest challenge right now is managing growth,” Ryan Clark, Orem’s economic development division manager. “And making sure that the way we are growing in a manner that retains that family-friendly environment and low crime rate and we have the amenities to support it.”

But the common denominator of growing pain won’t stop Utah County from expanding.

While this list isn’t comprehensive, it provides a glimpse into what residents can expect from Utah County development in 2018.

Click on the numbers below to see what is happening in a few Utah County cities, or click the city name to jump to a specific city:

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