2018 Fab 40: Alicia Moulton

Meet one of Utah Valley Magazine's 2018 Fab 40


Age: 38
Spring City

The Journey Alicia’s hives of activity buzz around her family’s fifth-generation beekeeping business and her involvement with Big Ocean, a grassroots group promoting faith and family at the UN. Her husband, Stan, even proposed using bees that flocked to honey drizzled on the driveway. “We are trying to save the world through bees,” Alicia says. “Our whole food system is built around pollinators, but bee health is declining. We’re studying feral bee populations and looking for long-term solutions.”

Mile Markers “I spent 10 years in college  earning a bachelor’s in math education and one in animal science.”

Road Blocks “We have two daughters but I’ve also had nine miscarriages and have written about my experiences.”

Travel destinations “As we drive to find feral bees, I’ve been to places in Utah I’ve never seen. I grew up in Salt Lake City, but I’m a country girl at heart. My Instagram @thehoneycompany features the historic homes in rural Utah. Spring City actually has the biggest historic district in the nation.”

Local hotspots “Guru’s in Provo for sweet potato fries and Costco for clean, healthy food for cheap.”


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