2018 Fab 40: Allison Lew

Meet one of Utah Valley Magazine's 2018 Fab 40


Age: 29 

The Journey Originally from Orange County, Allison moved to Provo, earned two BYU degrees and got a job with Provo City. As she attended entrepreneurship and tech events, she didn’t see many women and began asking why. The answers led her to create Braid Workshop. “Most of our events are held in the evenings when it’s easier to get child care,” Allison says. “We create a safe place where women ask questions about trademark law, social media marketing and accounting.” Braid launched an online membership directory so the community can source women-owned businesses.

Mile Markers “It was big to take a leap and become a business and not just an initiative under the city’s wing. Now when I hear about someone’s success because of something they learned at Braid, that means a lot.”

Road Blocks “It’s been unique to be a woman of color working in Utah. There are occasions for me to educate people on what is appropriate to say. People often see women of color as exotic and they talk to me like I’m an exhibit on display rather than a person. My ethnicity is just one aspect of who I am.”

Local Destinations “I go to the Provo Rec Center every day. I love the tea at Rugged Grounds, and I really like Yummies that just opened on 300 South in Provo — and Rockwell for my ice cream fix.”


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