2018 Fab 40: Blake and Brandon Barkdull

Meet one of Utah Valley Magazine's 2018 Fab 40


Age: Blake, 23, and Brandon, 25

The Journey Brothers Brandon and Blake have scooped up success with their ice cream sandwich business, The Penguin Brothers. “We needed school to teach us skills, but the business has given us the opportunity to put it into a real world setting,” Brandon says. The brothers have found success in catering events, opening a permanent store location in Provo and traveling around in their bright pink food truck while wearing signature baby blue suits.

Road Blocks “Our 1978 food truck. We had to go the cheaper route on everything, which can be frustrating. Like you’re going to a wedding and your truck decides to explode on the side of freeway. We had to learn to be mechanics from YouTube on the fly,” Brandon says.

Mile Markers “Starting a company and running it taught us about the business world, but it also taught us a lot about life. We want to help our employees learn just as much from it as we do,” Blake says.

Day Trips “Even before the business, we would do S’more Sundays in our backyard and create this cool unique environment where our friends could be transported for a few hours,” Brandon says.

Must-Haves “A stainless steel ice cream scooper, one frozen ball of ice cream (at least), four cookies, bow ties, blue suit, Burt’s Bees chapstick and a wrench to fix our truck,” Blake says.

Vacation Destination “We both went to Samoa this past summer for a BYU humanitarian project and study abroad. We loved Samoa and meeting the people,” Blake says.

Follow their shenanigans @penguinbrothers.

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