2018 Fab 40: Brent Crane

Meet one of Utah Valley Magazine's 2018 Fab 40


Age: 49

The Journey As director of the Food and Care Coalition in Provo, Brent rubs shoulders with many good people — from the patrons who come for a warm meal, to the thousands of volunteers who put on aprons and carry trays restaurant-style to the hungry in the art-filled dining room. “We need to celebrate our commonalities more and remove ourselves from contentious rhetoric. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and grandchildren!”

Itinerary “Discovering my faith, having a loving family, and finding a career of purpose and fulfillment.”

Mile Markers “I have high expectations for most things in life, which I believe is balanced by being a genuine and sincere person. I’m pretty tender hearted but have a playfully mischievous side, too.”

Road Blocks “Public policy as it relates to homeless services.  It is a difficult issue; however, we’ve got to incentivize affordable housing and find ways to engage the homeless rather than criminalizing it through poor public policy.”

Must-Haves “Pictures of my granddaughter, Raylyn, who just turned 1.  I adore my wife and kids, but this grandparent gig is everything it’s cracked up to be. We haven’t entered her in any cute baby contests out of fairness to others.”

Local Destination “Hobble Creek Golf Course. We are spoiled with affordable and beautiful golf locations.”


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