Age: 34

The Journey Courtney started Cake by Courtney as a way to share her love for baking from scratch in blog form and on social media. Soon, her hobby turned into a successful business, and she made 53,000 new friends on Instagram. “Creating cakes is so much fun, but the relationships I’ve made doing it are so much more rewarding!” Courtney says.

Vacation Destination “Over the past 12 years working in media consulting, I’ve traveled the country as I’ve tested new television shows. I never get tired of New York or Chicago. My time living in Switzerland with my husband and my son, who was 3 at the time, are some of my fondest memories.”

Mile Markers “Getting married, working as a television consultant, having children, and launching my business/blog. Each has stretched me, humbled me, empowered me, taught me, and made me a little crazy (ha!).”

Road Blocks “Battling bouts of depression and anxiety. It’s brought my darkest hours, and yet has yielded compassion for myself and others, a community of support, appreciation of life’s abundance and the many wonderful days I enjoy, and a conviction that weakness is OK, is meant to be, and is better shared, as appropriate, than hidden.” @cakebycourtney

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