2018 Fab 40: Emilie Campbell

Meet one of Utah Valley Magazine's 2018 Fab 40


Age: 42

The Journey When Emilie isn’t touring with her rockstar husband, Branden Campbell of Neon Trees, or putting her BFA in photography to use, she’s advocating for medical cannabis. One of her three children suffers from epilepsy, and he gained significant seizure control with cannabis. She has put herself on the front lines to legalize treatments in Utah. She’s gathering signatures for the Citizens Ballot Initiative so voters can consider a full medical cannabis program in November.

Mile Markers “Sharing our experiences with our daughter. She’s only 15, but she has also traveled the world with us and been through unique life experiences for someone her age. She has been a caregiver for her disabled brother for many years. She is brave about seizures, medical emergencies and autistic meltdowns. I’m happy she’s been able to see her dad and me deal with careers, disability and our involvement in art, advocacy and our faith. It’s made her confident and capable.”

Must-Haves “I always have a 32 oz cup in my car for a beverage run. I never go anywhere overnight without a swimsuit, diapers, seizure rescue meds, and earrings.”

Vacation Destination “New York City. We’ve traveled all over the world, and NYC is always our favorite place. We never run out of sites or events we want to go to, or places we’d like to eat.”


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