2018 Fab 40: Jonny Linehan

Meet one of Utah Valley Magazine's 2018 Fab 40


Age: 27

The Journey One of the highlights of BYU’s losing football season was following punter Jonny Linehan on Twitter and other media outlets. His New Zealand charm, his openness and his sense of humor drew fans from both his rugby and football backgrounds. Jonny graduated in finance and is now a free agent who will kick in front of scouts on Pro Day at the end of March.

Road Blocks “I moved to the United States with nothing in the winter of 2013, which was really cold! I would wear layers of coats and hoodies to class and take them off one by one at the door. I was that guy! I came here with no family, no idea of how American schools worked or which classes to take, but I learned resilience. There were a lot of times I wanted to give up and go home, but I stayed outside my comfort zone and created a life here.”

Mile Markers “Serving an LDS mission in Adelaide, Australia, gave me a lot of great opportunities. I wouldn’t have known about BYU and decided to come here. Another milestone was getting married in May 2015 to my selfless wife who is from Orem. Our son, Carter, is just turning a year old and has had surgery on his eyes.”

Must-haves “My wife would say I’m on the phone too much, but I love refreshing my Twitter feed. The BYU fans are a tight-knit community, and I like to stay up to date. But I will say I’m not much of a texter-backer.”

Follow his gameplan @jlinehan9 on Twitter.


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