2018 Fab 40: Kelly Wosnik

Meet one of Utah Valley Magazine's 2018 Fab 40


Age: 42

The Journey Kelly was born with cleidocranial dysplasia. During her childhood, Kelly spent a lot of time in hospitals undergoing surgeries. As an adult, Kelly wanted to help others with the same birth defect, so she started CCD Smiles. Those with CCD have a hard time losing baby teeth — and adult teeth don’t come in easily on their own. In the short year the foundation has been operating, it has helped one person fix their smile. Kelly has partnered with “Stranger Things” actor Gaten Matarazzo (who also has CCD) to get the word out about this rare birth defect and the foundation.

Mile Markers “Becoming a nurse practitioner, getting my doctorate degree, starting my mental health clinic and starting my foundation a year ago. The rewarding part is not my opportunities and accomplishments, but how I can help others.”

Road Bumps “My biggest challenge is not having enough time or energy to do all of the things I’m involved in.”

Vacation Destination “Thailand. I visited three islands and loved it there. The beaches, the sunshine, fresh fruit, the culture and the food.”

McKenzie Stauffer

Kenzie is an intern for Bennett Communications. She graduated from Utah Valley University in December 2017. If you're looking for Kenzie, you'll most likely find her burning food in the kitchen, or listening to Chris Browns latest album.

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