Age: 39
Pleasant Grove

The Journey Follow The Flag, a nonprofit famous for hanging the largest American flag ever flown across Grove Creek Canyon in Pleasant Grove, is just one of Kyle’s passions. He also owns a furniture company and is the father of four boys and one surprise baby girl born last year.

Mile Markers “Every year before the 4th of July, we have a major setback and we wonder if we can pull it off again. Last year, our ripcord was stuck on July 3. At 1 a.m., I grabbed headlamps and asked my wife to pray. The winch we hauled up on the ridge in the middle of the night made for one slow, dramatic unveiling the next morning. There is something about that 400-pound, quarter-acre flag hanging in the natural beauty of the mountains that moves people to tears. A 100-year-old veteran shuffled behind his walker to get the best view. When someone pointed me out as the ‘Flag Guy,’ he told me he had been given medals of honor and been to countless patriotic ceremonies, but nothing compares to how that flag hanging in the canyon wind made him feel. This is how I serve my country and thank those who give their life for my freedoms.”

No Road Blocks “My parents always made me feel I could do anything, and they gave me confidence to try. My grandparents were go-getters and extremely unique in what they did with free time. Each had a huge influence on me creatively. My wife and I have been inseparable since the day we met. She’s my partner in the only thing that matters.”

Local Destination “Grove Creek Canyon! Hiking around the base of Mount Timpanogos you’re going to see some of the most beautiful landscape on the planet.”

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