2018 Fab 40: Madilyn Paige

Meet one of Utah Valley Magazine's 2018 Fab 40


Age: 20

The Journey Making the top 20 on Season 6 of “The Voice” was the first verse of Madilyn’s vocal career, which has also included high notes of being named the Next Big YouTuber at CVX Live 2015 and getting interviewed on the LDS Church’s “Face to Face” event for youth. “Being asked to audition for The Voice was a big moment for me, largely because it was the first time I overcame fear that had controlled my life up until that point,” Madilyn says. “I always sing ‘Titanium’ because it’s a powerful anthem. And I also sing my first single, ‘Irreplaceable,’ because it’s about the dark phase of my life that I learned so much from.”

Mile Markers “Being part of Time Out For Girls with Deseret Book kickstarted other events I’ve done, including youth conferences, girls camps and school assemblies.”

Travel destinations “As a kid I lived in Japan, and now I’ve been back to my second home to perform.”

Road Blocks “I used to struggle with comparison and social anxiety. My fear was at its peak my freshman and sophomore years in high school.”

Local hotspots “I love Provo Canyon. My sisters and I like to go on drives and listen to music, and we take pictures at Sundance, especially in the fall or when it’s snowy. I also love the thin crust pizza at MidiCi, and I’m all about the Japanese food at Shoga.”

Must-haves “Take Five gum, Aquaphor for my lips, mini-perfume, and a water bottle.”


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