2018 Fab 40: Peter Glahn

Meet one of Utah Valley Magazine's 2018 Fab 40


Age: 38

The Journey Peter was born to be a middle school principal. His “superpower” is he doesn’t have to fake friendships with teenagers at Timberline Middle School. “When I think back on people in education who impacted my life and realize I am now one of those people for students, I can’t believe it. If you’re into intrinsic rewards, come work at a school. Young people return your effort and then some.”

Itinerary “If I am being honest, completing a two-year LDS mission in Brazil, finishing college, marrying the fabulous Marie Hodson, teaching at my alma mater, becoming a father, becoming a high school assistant principal and now the Principal of Timberline Middle School all pale in comparison to winning church ball championships with my teammates in the Park 8th and Cascade 3rd.”

Mile Markers “It might sound silly but one of my most significant milestones was being in student leadership at Mountain View High School 20 years ago. I discovered so about the world around me and the talents within me. It might be why I care so much about the experiences students have now at school.”

Road Blocks “Everyone deals with self doubt, and I am no exception. Fortunately, I have people who believe in me, give me opportunities and even second chances. My parents always had high expectations. It took a village to allow me to fail safely and land on my feet.”

Local Destination “There is a cement basketball court in a neighborhood called Cherry Village in Orem that I hold sacred. There’s nothing like ‘Village Ball.’”


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