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Started in 2015, CVX Live brings the talent and tips from YouTube to the masses. Besides fan interaction and
entertainment, the event offers classes on how to
succeed in social media. (Photo courtesy of CVX Live)

At the height of Kid History madness, John Roberts and the rest of the cast and crew released each new episode with a premiere party. The screenings were a riot for both the fan and the featured faces. Eventually, the Kid History gang invited other local YouTube stars to participate, mingling with fans while showing off their own new videos.

“It was really fun for everyone, and we realized a lot of other YouTubers didn’t have an avenue to interact with fans,” John says.

Light bulb moment!

John and his team decided to utilize the abundance of social media talent in Utah (read: YouTubers) and create a large-scale event to bring fans, industry professionals and talent together under one roof.

The idea

John and his team (producers of both Kid History and Bored Shorts TV) had been invited to other trade shows around the country, but frankly, they weren’t fun.

“We’ve done other conventions where we’ve been invited as talent,” John says. “We just felt a little more like cattle. We didn’t like the experience.”

One of the goals of CVX Live, which had its first show in 2015 at the UCCU Center at UVU, is for the talent to have fun and interact with fans and with others in the industry.

The organizers of CVX Live place a premium on making the experience enjoyable for the invited talent, like Alex Boye (623,065 subscribers). (Photo by Claire Boyle)

The Main Event

“What sets CVX Live apart is the intimacy of it,” John says. “You go to make connections. You meet the lecturers. You don’t just come and listen. We provide opportunities to meet the people you want to meet. Information is great, but making connections is even better.”

In fact, the CVX Live experience can be customized to the level of desired connection for each attendee. There are passes for industry professionals looking to work in social media for a living. Business owners looking to improve their existing business through successful social media management can also select classes for their needs.

“The YouTube talent we bring in present those classes,” John says. “They have the skills to do the things our attendees want to learn about. They are business owners. They know about building a brand. They are doing those things everyday. These are brilliant business people.”

For fans, there are different passes available, too. CVX Live offers meet-and-greet experiences, superfan opportunities and small Q-and-A sessions.

The general pass provides access to the big-stage entertainment and the expo.

“We have things happening the whole time on the main stage,” John says. “Plus, it’s an environment where you can go with your kids. It’s safe.”

The next CVX Live will be held at the Utah Valley Convention Center in downtown Provo on Sept. 21-22, 2018.

When You’re Bored

CVX Live isn’t the only headline for Roberts & Company this year. Bored Shorts TV — which hosts the Kid History and Kid Snippets videos — has a half a million subscribers and continues to draw people in with guest collaborations with Josh Groban, Lindsey Stirling and imaginative children.

Kid Snippets videos are short, easier to produce and perfect for Facebook.

“We haven’t done a Kid History video in two years,” John says. “They take a lot of time. We just couldn’t do them very often. The Kid Snippets reached a different audience. For example, the ‘Math Class’ video gets shared by teachers from all over. The videos resonate and are easy to share.”

And, as John and other YouTube stars already know, sharing is the best way to connect and network — at CVX Live and beyond.

Socially Speaking

Subscribers 510,977
Favorite Kid History Video “The first one we did (‘Punching Cars’). It captured a good story and started all of this mayhem.”
Favorite Kid Snippets Video “The ‘Bank’ video is really funny. We told the kids that one of them works at the bank and the other goes into the bank. Neither has any clue what really happens at a bank. It captures their innocence.”
YouTube advice “Embrace it. Social media is here to stay. I used to have clients who would tell me their customers didn’t use the Internet, so they didn’t need a website. Now, that seems ridiculous. Social media is the new frontier. It’s ridiculous not to get involved.”
Utah-Tube “Utah County is a hub for social media talent. The concentration here is higher than anywhere else in the world. People here are self-starters. We’re driven and creative. Plus, we have people interested in starting their own businesses. Those are all key factors.”

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