Jimmy Fallon mocks BYU ‘Women in Math’ poster in ‘Bad Signs’ segment


Jimmy Fallon reacts to a “Women in Math” sign for BYU Women’s math club. (Screenshot)

Late-night host Jimmy Fallon mocked a BYU poster during his “Bad Signs” segment on the “Tonight Show” on Wednesday.

“Let’s see who’s running it,” Fallon said as the video panned up the poster to reveal photos of four men.

Steve Higgins, the announcer on the “Tonight Show,” joked, “That don’t add up.”

The poster, which promoted an event for the Women in Math Club at Brigham Young University, was originally posted on BYU’s campus in February. It was designed by a female student, Bryn Balls-Barker, for the student-run Women in Math Club.

In a comment on the BYU Math Department’s Facebook page, Balls-Barker explained, “I made the poster. I am a female math student and I feel very supported by my male and female professors. … I chose to ask professors that weren’t already affiliated directly with the club so that members of the club would have more opportunity to meet other faculty members.”

Following a social media uproar, the BYU Math Department issued a statement about the poster:

“Many of you have probably seen a poster circulating around the Internet from our Women in Math Organization! The poster featured the pictures of four of our department faculty. It was done with good intentions. It was not meant to demean women or be satirical. We value women in mathematics and their contributions, and work to promote opportunities for women to succeed in mathematics.”

Fallon regularly invites viewers to send in pictures of funny or ironic signs that they see around their towns for the “Bad Signs” segment.

Rebecca Lane

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