Utah Valley kidtrepreneur: The upper hand


Allie Robins created Hero Glove, a glove that kids wear in the kitchen to prevent getting cut. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst/UVBizQ)

Kids are natural entrepreneurs — they aren’t afraid to fail and they’re naturally curious and creative. Case in point: Pleasant Grove’s Allie Robins, the creator of Hero Glove, which is a glove worn in the kitchen that protects little fingers from getting cut. Read about her entrepreneurial adventure below, and let’s give Allie a hand.

Slice of life 

Allie had been wary of knives ever since she had an accident cutting a banana. She decided she needed a special glove that would protect her hands while she helped in the kitchen. And Hero Glove was born! Ten-year-old Allie enlisted the help of her supportive and entrepreneurial parents. Then they worked with Blacksmith International to get her glove made. “The hardest part was finding the right company,” Allie says. “We met with a lot of companies before finding the perfect one to make the gloves!”

Unicorn hair? 

The special sauce of the Hero Glove is a material called dyneema. It’s what makes the gloves cut-resistant. Allie likes to tell people the magic material is actually unicorn hair.

Cheese please 

“You can also grate cheese with the glove,” she explains. “And when it gets dirty you can just throw it in the dishwasher.” (Sell it, girl!)

Think tank 

Allie first thought of becoming an entrepreneur after watching Shark Tank. “I saw a little girl and she had invented something, so I thought I could invent, too!” Allie says.

Dreaming big 

When she grows up, Allie says she wants to be a basketball player or an entrepreneur. “I have an idea for a pad that you can step on and the door to your house opens,” she says. “It can lock, too, so burglars can’t use it. I also want to do an adult size Hero Glove.”

Word to the wise 

Allie’s advice to fellow kidtrepreneurs? “If you have a dream, go for it. Never give up, always try, and life will get better and better.”

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