UV BusinessQ Board: How do you get out of a business rut?


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In the Spring 2018 issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, we asked our editorial board, “How do you get out of a business rut?” Their answers varied from changing scenery to moving on.

Jeff Rust


Jeff Rust, CEO, Corporate Alliance

“Go to my favorite steam room to meditate. Send some thank-you cards. Play with my kids more (something about their smile clears my head).”


Simeon Vance


Simeon Vance, Attorney at Fillmore Spencer

“I try to get outside my usual office environment. So anything where I’m not at a desk or in front of a computer monitor. Preferably something outdoors. Ideally in the mountains.”


Kara Schneck


Kara Schneck, VP global corporate communications, Nu Skin

“I’d suggest two strategies: The first is ‘Change it Up.’ Go to work earlier or stay later, go to lunch with someone new, or listen to a new podcast or audio book. The second is ‘Think Bigger.’ Expand your thinking and reimagine what is possible — then be bold in pursuing a new idea or entirely different strategy.”


Jared Turner


Jared Turner, Chief Technology Officer, Boostability

“Through introspection, external feedback and a critical self-assessment. I get feedback from others, look to the industry leaders for ideas, and challenge the status-quo in all aspects of my viewpoint — and then pivot accordingly. The only way out of a rut is a course correction.”


Jarrod Hunt


Jarrod Hunt, Senior VP of industrial services, Coldwell Banker Commercial

“Starting a new project or initiative always reinvigorates my other business activities. It forces me to reevaluate priorities, which always leads to carving out things that aren’t working. It helps me focus on new objectives that show more promise.”


James Clarke


James Clarke, Founder, Clarke Capital Partners

“Travel. The people I meet and places I see inspire me and give me great and much-needed perspective. I always return ready to create and dig in.”


Briana Stewart

Briana Stewart, Managing editor, Utah Valley BusinessQ

“If I’m in a rut, it’s usually because I’m feeling buried in work and the endless email abyss. So I’ll kick it old school and make a paper to-do list (this is something editor Jeanette Bennett and I have in common). I’ll put on every item I’m stressed about, and I’ll also throw in a few to-dos I can immediately cross off to give my ego a boost. 1. Make a to-do list. 2. Get out of a rut.


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