Ideas for teaching children about the last week of Christ’s life


In the LDS Church Bible videos, Jesus Christ is presented to the high priests. (Photo courtesy Media Library)

Easter can be a tricky holiday for Latter-day Saints. Traditional celebrations include the Easter Bunny, eggs, candy, Easter egg hunts and new clothes. Religious celebrations have nothing to do with these rituals, but instead focus on Jesus Christ and His atonement.

It’s up to each LDS family to choose how to celebrate Easter. But if you’d like to bring a little more celebration of Christ into your family’s Easter traditions, here’s a timeline of ideas. Teach your children about the last week of the Savior’s life as it corresponds with Easter. Here are songs, activities, scriptures, videos and more to share with your family on each day of the week.

Resources from

General Resources on the Last Week of Jesus Christ’s Earthly Ministry


Triumphal entry

  • “Palm Sunday” (March 2016 Friend)
    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf teaches about Palm Sunday and how we can walk the path of discipleship. Includes an idea for hanging paper hearts to remember what we love about Jesus.


Cleansing of the Temple

Video: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Primary Lesson: Jesus Christ Cleanses the Temple


Teaching in the Temple

Scriptures: Matthew 25:31–46; 26:14–16

You may consider teaching your family about the temple, why we must be clean and worthy to enter, and why Christ chose to teach the people there.


Since nothing specific is known about this day, you may choose to teach about some of Christ’s parables and teachings. Here are some resources on the parable of the ten virgins:


Last Supper

  • Luke 22:19–20

  • You may want to discuss the importance of the sacrament and how we can remember Christ each Sunday.

Garden of Gethsemane


Crucifixion and Burial


The Tomb

  • The Book of Mormon records the signs of Christ’s death in the Americas. (3 Nephi 8:5-23)


The Resurrection


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