Utah-Tube: Local musician partners with The Bucket List Family to create a touching melody for newborn


Kelsey Edwards, a local singer and actress, recently partnered with The Bucket List Family to create a welcoming melody for the family’s newborn baby Calihan.

The father of the family of adventure journalists, Garrett Gee, came to Edwards to create the song for the family’s 101st vlog, which shares baby Cali’s birth story.

“It was Garrett’s idea to make a song for his new baby, Cali. I’m grateful he asked me to sing on it,” Edwards said. “The song now says, ‘you were born to be someone no one has been before.’ It’s very inspiring.”

The duo changed the lyrics of the the popular Hanson song “I Was Born” to mirror a mother singing to her baby. For Edwards, the message of this song is deeply relatable. It inspires her to be confident and achieve her potential, and she hopes it can motivate others to do the same.

“We did this for Cali, but  it’s a song that will resonate with anyone and everyone,” Edwards said. “I struggle with confidence at times, and this song reminds us that [we] each have a unique, special purpose. We were truly born to be someone no one has been before.”

The Bucket List Family is a family of five — including Garrett, Jessica (mom), Dorothy (5), Manilla (3) and Calihan — who travels the world. While the family prepared for Cali’s birth in February, they returned home to Utah. During that time, the family was on the cover of Utah Valley Magazine. See the cover story here.

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