With 43 years in business, Neal Dastrup Insurance is here for the long haul


Neal Dastrup Insurance

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Spanish Fork • (801) 794-5056
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Long Haul Profile

Since 1974, Neal Dastrup Insurance has been giving Utah Valley residents peace of mind with a wide variety of insurance services. From auto and health to business and life, Neal Dastrup Insurance offers coverage for every insurance need.

Because those needs are always changing, the company’s skilled professionals meet with clients often to analyze their coverage and provide the most cost-effective protection.

“We like to design a protection program that makes the most sense for the client’s current situation,” founder Neal Dastrup says. “It’s important to revisit that plan as life’s circumstances evolve.”

This is possible because Dastrup employees have the heart of a teacher.

“We first take the time to gather information about the client and what they believe their needs to be,” Neal says. “We then review their current policies to identify coverage gaps and make recommendations to best fit the client’s needs and budget,” says Brandon Fry, principal in the Spanish Fork location.

They also teach clients about why insurance is important.

“I always ask people to think about how they would feel if they did not have insurance,” says Dusty Dastrup, principal at the Orem branch. “When you think about the concept of insurance, it is a pretty cool system —  we all pay a little bit so no one ever has to pay an unexpected huge amount.”

For 43 years, Neal Dastrup Insurance has offered the best products and services to clients, no matter where the insurance comes from.


The Long Haul

Taking the time to educate each client and give personalized attention pays huge dividends in terms of building trust and gaining a life-long customer.


“As independent insurance agents, we shop around to multiple insurance companies searching for the best pricing for our clients,” says Shawn Ford, principal in the Provo office. “It’s nice to have more than one option for our clients.”

Take, for example, client David Studdert.

“Having used the same insurance agent for almost a decade, I was understandably hesitant to look at changing agencies,” he says. “I had recently moved from Washington, D.C., and thought the higher insurance premiums were just the price you pay for living in Provo Canyon. Then I was introduced to Neal Dastrup Insurance. Not only have they provided a significant cost savings on my monthly premiums, but also their customer service is superior in every way. ”

Many of the company’s long-standing clients have been with the business since the year they opened.

Talk about staying power!

This article was part of the Long Haul section in the 2017 September/October issue of Utah Valley Magazine. To be part of our magazine business profile sections, contact stacy.utahvalley360@gmail.com.


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